SyFy's FaceOff Season 5 - Miranda's Subterranean Rat Creature

Spotlight Challenge: Subterranean Terror -does anyone else think this looks like a skinnier version of last week's pumpkin?

Face off - Laura

Season 5 Episode 13 "Swan Song" : Laura's Italian Renaissance Sorcerer, very cool facial details !

Miranda and Tate's Gorgeous Pumpkin Creation (Season 5)

Tate and Miranda's peter pumpkin eater creature from Face Off Season 5 Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Cig's creation, inspired by the Christmas Tree Eyelash Viper. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins.

Season Spotlight Challenge:"Serpent Soldiers" - close up of Cig's ninja assassin, inspired by the Christmas Tree Eyelash Viper.

Creation by Dina Cimarusti #FaceOff

Face Off Spotlight Challenge: "Beautiful Disaster" - close up of Dina's Flood-themed fairy.