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Jacques-Louis David (French, 1748–1825). Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) and His Wife (Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze, 1758–1836), 1788. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, in honor of Everett Fahy, 1977 (1977.10) #letters #Connections

Queen Maria Theresa of France and her son the Dauphin, by Charles Beaubrun, c. 1663-66. Her husband, Louis XIV was her double 1st cousin. Her mother Elizabeth was Louis's sister, and her father, Philip IV of Spain was the brother of Louis's mother, Anne of Austria. Only one of her children survived her, Louis, the Grand Dauphin, but one of her grandsons became Philip V of Spain.

Marie Thérèse of Austria. Devoted wife to Louis XIV. She died at Versailles at age 45, on July 30, 1683, just three months after the court was moved to Versailles.

Philippe d'Orleans, Monsieur, his wife Henriette-Anne of England, Minette, and their daughter between them: detail of The Family of Louis XIV by Jean Nocret (Chateau de Versailles)

The Artist’s Wife in His Studio (c.1795-1800). Louis-Léopold Boilly (French, 1761-1845). Oil on canvas. The Clark Art Institute.

Duchesse d'Orleans, nee Duchess Helen of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, wife of Ferdinand Philippe of Orleans, son of King Louis Philippe I. They had 2 sons. portrait c.1842 presumably before her husband's death that year. Nicolas-Marie Moriot