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Crispy Shrimp Tacos in Tomato Broth from Rick Bayless --- omg a perfect lil finger food

Barbara Adams Beyond Wonderful » Chorizo Tacos Authentic Mexican Recipe

Salad Tacos ... and yes it has beef ! The difference is how it is put together and the yummiest spicy dressing you have ever tasted !

Tacos al Pastor 4 chiles güajillo, 2 dientes de ajo grandes, 20 ml. de vinagre de piña o manzana, 5-10 grs. de pasta de achiote, 1 pizca de comino, 10 pimientas negras, Sal al gusto. 1/2 kilo de pierna de cerdo en filetes muy finos {pueden usar lomo}, 250 grs. de tocino {la receta original lleva lardo}, Una piña pequeña cortada en trozos,Cebolla en rodajas finas al gusto. Adobo.

Gorditas de Chicharron: these are what real "gorditas" look like (not the fake Taco Bell stuff). Made from Maseca, fried or cooked on a grill, fill them up with whatever you like and make them chubby. Hence the name! My favorite is filled with carnitas at El Mercadito in East L.A. But my mom makes the best!