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Preferably a serial killer knowing Sherlock.... Hahahaha John on the side with a camera!! Too cute!

Sherlock wishes you a happy Valentine's Day! (valentines cards from Humble Sandwich)

Moriarty Valentine /// not sure where to put... ♥ ♥ ♥ he is adorable! that's so messed up but! true

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Sherlock Valentines. I mean, I like the card, but ALL I CAN SEE IS THAT MISSING L IN SURVEILLANCE. *grammar nazi spaz attack*

doyoudopoison: Valentines day is coming up.Remember going to the shops to buy those horribly tacky cartoon character cards for your school friends? Ive just saved you the time. Nothing says “I love you” better than a sociopath. Dear god. This isnt how I was meant to spend my afternoon.THE TACKINESS IS MEANT TO BE ~*IRONIC*~But I’m not sorry.

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… ---> I loved in this scene how Sherlock kept correcting him.

meanwhile... And pretty soon Sherlock will be joining John in the adventure through Middle Earth as a dragon!! :D

Try joining the Sherlock fandom..... But only if you want to fall in love with a sociopath and an army doctor, and proceed to be emotionally scarred, waiting in agony until season three. But hey, we have attractive (and incredibly intelligent) British men. So it's kinda worth it.

You being all mysterious with your cheekbones. And turning up your coat collar so you look cool.

Twas a great season for humorous Sherlock faces. | Benedict has the best derp faces. Ever.

  • Faith Williams

    Is it just me, or does he REALLY look like Smaug in that first one....O.o

Just Sherlock being Sherlock… so, confession, i only just watched the first Sherlock (which this quote is from) and it's AWESOME!