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Taiwan Flag

Flag of the Republic of China - Gallery of sovereign state flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mongolia Facts

From yaks to wild horses to camels, Mongolia holds a special relationship with animals and the earth. Learn more with these interesting Mongolia facts.

Bandiera francese

This is the national flag of France, a country in Western Europe. Check out these fun France facts and France maps.

Flag of Grenada

Upon independence from Great Britain, the Grenada adopted this flag. It remains unchanged since that day, 7 Feb The leaf at the hoist (left) represents nutmeg, a principle export. Grenada used to be known as the "Isle of Spice" because of such exports.

Nijerya bayrağı

Nijerya bayrağı

Brazil Flag | 3' x 5'

Brazil Flag | 3' x 5'

Bahamas (Las Antillas o Caribe)More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ PINTEREST No Pin Limitsでこのようなピンがいっぱいになるピンの限界

Todos Los Paises Del Mundo-Y sus Banderas

Where Penn State engineering students study and work: The Bahamas

Turkey Flag ~ The flag of Turkey was officially adopted on June 5, 1936           The white crescent and star, symbols of Islam, are placed slightly to the left on the red field, and that shade of red dates back to the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century.

Turkey Under Terrorism: Erdogan Imposes Censorship on Social Media – Word Matters!

Flag of Ireland - Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of Ireland: vertically striped green-white-orange national flag. Its width-to-length ratio is 1 to number of official and unofficial flags over the centuries have been flown in