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  • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

    Craft Stick Catapult | DIY Network: Fun project for those crazy last weeks of school. #kids #crafts #diy #popsicle #stick #catapult

  • Tess Kelley

    Craft Stick Catapult - Because we obviously need a marshmallow catapult in our apartment, tori. :)

  • Lois Joy Wetherington

    Popsicle stick catapult "Made this for preschool. Shoots great! Need to remember this for cub scouts when the time comes."

  • Anaiya Dehn

    Craft Stick Catapult: 8 sticks, 5 rubber bands, a small milk cap, marshmallows. Aim, fire!

  • Amy Elizabeth

    Craft Stick Catapult - Perfect for mini marshmallows!

  • Amy Drummond

    Let's get rid of some of those popsicle sticks at camp... TOO MANY. Levers and Pulleys FOSS unit idea -- will love this!! Really cool idea for force and motion unit!

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Mandy would like this: popsicle stick bracelets: boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry~this is cool!

My teens (boys and girls) had a blast with this in my "Protect Your Peeps" program. Working in pairs, they first built the catapults. Then they drew castles on pieces of manila folder (keep it simple), which we taped to the edge of a table. Behind the castle walls, they set up banks of Peeps on different sizes of paper cups, positioning a king and queen (complete with crowns, of course) somewhere among the rows. We awarded points for each Peep hit, with extra points for hitting the royals. Ad...

Made this today. It works amazingly! My kids are catapulting things like crazy. :)

Awesome ~ modern popsicle stick art

All for the Boys - All for the Boys - Surviving Sick Days - DIY Catapult Game

How To Make Popsicle Stick Bracelets. Have to try this!!

Build the catapult in different sizes, or with different rubber bands, or pencils of different length - discuss the changes each variable makes to the resultant motion of the projectile.  Demonstrate circular motion and rotational KE. Based on the relevant principles, have the kids design and build other working models of catapults. Here are some ideas.

Modern Parents Messy Kids: Imaginative Play "On the Fly"

Heidelberg houses Detroit Heidelberg project (look up on Internet--may have a local spin you can put on it)

popsicle stick magnets...adapt for use as marble raceways, patterning activities, abc order, etc. use with metals cooking pans or magnetic painted sections of wood