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Dress (Ball Gown) Date: ca. 1854 Culture: American or European Medium: silk

Dress (Ball Gown). 1840's vibrant color, from the Met museum collection. Need I say more than "want it"?

English fashion plates from 1801, and French fashion plates from Year 9 (1800-1801) of the French Republican Calendar. All images come from the collection of the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs. www.lesartsdecora...

In the 1850s, a Briton, Charles Frederick Worth...dress 1866

(via Modes de Paris; Petit courrier des dames. 1850 | Fashion Plates!)

Fashion plate, 1861 France, Petit Courrier des Dames; spring dresses & wrap.

Ballroom dress in two parts (top and skirt) in taffeta chine ca 1851 The top is closed by lacing on the back

Ball gown ca. 1854-56 From LACMA via the PASADENA STAR NEWS

Dames a la Mode fashion plate collection from 18th & 19th centuries (click through)