I always wear pants on the plane, but this is probably a much comfier outfit: dress + leggings + cardigan. If you're traveling to a warmer climate you can take off the leggings when you arrive. Brilliant.

Good info about germs, blood clots, what to wear, what to do if there are snakes eating your seat neighbor... Seriously! There is a section about snakes on a plane!

For all those ugly patterned leggings that are super cheap at the store... This is actually super smart

Travel | In it for the long haul | Her Travel Kit

14 Traveling Tips & Tricks ~ SERIOUSLY GENIUS TIPS! E.G. Threading necklace through straw to prevent tangles, Place cotton balls/pads inside your makeup containers to keep them secure so that they don't break, etc.

How To Walk Off The Plane Looking Like A Babe. Great tips for how to look fresh after a long plane ride! :)

Jetsetter Style... What to Wear on a Plane

Stylist Tips: 10 Ways to Wear A White Blazer | http://effortlesstyle.com/how-to-wear-a-white-blazer/

Traveling outfits

Save yourself time in the security lines @ the airport with these tips on TSA-approved liquids while traveling

Travel Light! Pick your own color palette & pack only these convertible pieces and basics and you'll have everything you need as a guest for a week long destination wedding trip.

How To Fly In Style. Oh, I'm SO gonna need this article this summer!

Travel Outfit ~ def wearing my riding boots on, easier than packing 'em

My go-to outfit for long #travel days #packing #fashion #traveltips

Leaving on a Jet Plane: What to Wear on a Long Flight. I so wish I could pull this off!


How I fit 30 outfits in my carry-on!