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Hasami Porcelain Teapot

Hasami Porcelain Teapot - Matte

Made from a mixture ofclay minerals, the Hasami Teapot has an earthy, coarse texture that is that is both rough and refined. Designed for the artful home, this

LUDC — White with Pastel Porcelain Bowl

LUDC Shop / Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic / Minimal Styled Photography / Simple Photography

이예린 / Top / 백자_물레성형_반매트유 1280환원소성_D15x20cm

이예린 / Top / 백자_물레성형_반매트유 1280환원소성_D15x20cm

Cécile stoneware from Bloomingville

During Hull Pottery's very first year or two, stoneware was the main focus. Stoneware ( fired at a rather higher temperature) is harder and more resilient than .

Brian Paquette Interiors | Seattle Interior Design

Sonia Pedrazzini - "Designers Sonia Pedrazzini’s Le Morandine V. collection of ceramic jars and vases. Inspired by Morandi and painted with matte paint that reminds me of tempera.

Esrum graphic tableware from Broste

Esrum graphic tableware from Broste (Ems Designblogg)