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Printed over a stylized image of a wolf`s head, illustrated by artist Eliot Alexander, this parchment poster displays a shamanic prayer to the spirit of the wolf as envisioned by the spiritual wordsmi

Owl .... I'm not native, and I don't want to offend (I didn't catch which native nation believes what's written here), just thought this was introspective when out in nature, and neat to teach children old ways and respect

Rune Oracle cards

The runes are an ancient and powerful set of symbols originating in northern Europe. Discover how this magical alphabet can help you channel the sacred wisdom of the Norse gods. As a divination system

The Bear is a symbol of power, strength and healing. The Bear is held in high respect by all, as it is beloved as an elder family member of the human race. Protection, Childbearing, Motherhood, Freedom, Discernment, Courage, Power ❤❦♪♫

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