yeah... motivation is the key

Most important decision of my life, and I would obviously choose to be a companion!!

doctor who big bang theory doctor doctor doctor master | Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Master(I made a funny, wanted to share it)

It's so true! Which is why I love Nine!!

WHAT? heck yeah. Someone's getting a snail mail letter in Gallifreyan ;)

Wait.. WHAT?! Of COURSE it was!

This is going be me this weekend. :)

This is one of the coolest posters I have seen for Asylum of the Daleks


Are you keeping up with the doctor? No? Then you better get yourself to the gym and start working those muscles out! Show some nerd love with this nerdy doctor

This is awesome in so many ways

The companions try and fit in...

Yeah. . .That was basically my reaction, too << yep



But seriously...


I'm not even going to acknowledge how accurate this is.

Mind. Blown.

“Eat, Sleep, Who” Doctor Who T-Shirt | Men's, Women's, and Kid's Sizes from Boots Tees.

Hahaha, watch out, @Teresa Trout! Too bad I didn't see this over the weekend...