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Vintage sewing machine - hey this kind of reminds me of my first sewing machine, the one my mother taught me how to sew on , just not as old! I have a turquoise Viking Husquavarna that seriously needs a service call!

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Treadle sewing machine. If the power ever went out, this would be a great item to have.;-)

An Agenoria machine made in Birmingham, UK during the 1870s, is married here to a pedestal treadle of spiral form.

from an old treadle sewing machine. I have several of these! For crafters who love vintage furniture, these can be re-purposed for a shelving unit to hang on the wall or on table top!! Love the look!!

Years ago I saw a antique sewing machine and table like this in a thrift shop window and it was already white (it looked like it was factory painted, not a home amateur job). It was there for months and I finally broke down and went in to buy it only to see another woman loading it into her car. It was only $188 but I had no room for it in my apartment at the time. I'm still looking for it's twin.

Antique sewing machine embroidery pattern for my big sis Marcella:0) we keep each other in stitches! lol ps the best creative seamstress I've ever met! ♥

Vintage White Sewing Machine

Thank you, Curbly. Once again you are correct: those legs to that treadle sewing machine repurposed into the legs of a desk are, infact, an interesting reuse.

old treadle sewing machine turned into a desk/table - We have the same table, I don't know about painting it though