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I love your smile!  It makes me feel better, makes me smile too, even gives me butterflies.  Your smile warms my heart, and makes it jump a little!

As we keep our joy close to our hearts, happiness becomes our life long friend. Smile despite all the reasons not to. Then even the reasons will be preceded by smiles.


A happy mama with her beautiful children going in all different directions all at once,tday was an example more than ever of this:) joy and tears filled my heart.happy graduation to all those precious mamas out there:)

Angelina Jolie

Photo (stunner ☆)

"Exhaling makes room for the arrival of fresh prana.focus on the exhalation part of each breath when you need to make more space for free-flowing creative thought"

 I think we complicate things when it is really quite simple;find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you're set.Promise

Smile & wear a fedora. It's a bit old school, but I love to wear them in super hot summers. A cool breeze is going through it and a big shade is provided for you.

Costumes traditionnels Filles d'Europe, Bulgarie

Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young girl. Bulgaria, the rose country. Come to me and I give thee tulips from my country!

Her Laugh

I absolutely LOVE pictures of people laughing. To catch a moment of happiness/joy forever in a picture is magical to me. have lots of fun and laugh daily!