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"Sometimes...I bet frequently...soul mates aren't perfect fits day after day...we as people are too multi-dimensional for that to happen consistently and effortlessly. What a relationship really is day to day, versus our fantasy of it, is a work in progress." - Quote by "Be Happy" ©

I just want to run a highlighter over the phrase "So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't". (I love when something so appropriate for the moment comes right to your email inbox. I <3 bloggers.)

Never Stop Loving Someone Visit to see more sweet love quotes & sayings! <3

Motivational Perfect Words For When You Think You've Had Enough And You're Finally DONE!!!

I can't promise u a perfect relationship but I will keep trying & I promise as long as your trying too, I'm staying.

Something I have to work on. It drives me *wild* with vaccine arguments, because the thought of responded to misinformation reaching many people upsets me so much. Definitely should try it out in other places more though.