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31 Trendy Nail Art Ideas for Coffin Nails

45 Chevron Nail Art Ideas

And here’s one you can do with beige base and some gold glitters. It’s really simple, even with the Chevron pattern where it’s just two V-shaped lines.

The "Touching Black Women's Hair" Phenomenon - Mini-Documentary

20 Short Hairstyles for Black Women That Wow. When we think of a woman with short hair, we instantly get a vision of a vibrant, sensual lady who knows what she wants in life and knows how to get it…

Top 10 Eye Make-up Tricks

Super stylish nail art! White matte polish & gold glitter french tips nail design. #frenchtips #naildesign unghie gel

15 Unique and Beautiful Winter Nail Designs

Winter nails allow you to show off all those cute wintry themes. Check out our collection of original winter-themed nail designs with glitter nails, matte nails, snowflakes, and gold.