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Composite Fiberglass Dome Schools, Avionics, Prefabricated dome housing, Classrooms Building, Memphis TN USA

This is the Dome Home. It is built on site from sandwich section glass fibre reinforced concrete. With a height of 3.5 meters, 6 meters diameter and, using very elementary maths, a floor space of getting on for 30 square meters.....

Because the future in the 70's was trying to look like this. Geodesics and earth tones. Hippie-futurism. Back to nature with Buckminster Fuller?

Geodesic Dome Home Living A Natural Spaces geodesic dome home offers you a lifestyle that is at once comfortable, efficient and affordable while it is exciting, uplifting, inspiring and passionate.

Dome home--avalanche/roof-collapse, tornado, hurricane, wildfire proof

Cool potential office - needs skylight

Living in a crazy-bananas type of yurt would be awesome to do sometime.