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      {via theferriswheels on etsy} Hot, Cold Therapy Pack Heating Pad rice packs - neck wrap, eye pillow We took our very popular universal size therapy pack and added a coordinating sinus/eye pillow. The universal size makes a terrific hot or cold neck wrap (microwave it or freeze it!), but also works great for knees, elbow, hips, back, etc... The sinus/eye pack is wonderful lightly warmed in the microwave for sinuses, or cooled in the freezer for migraines or stress headaches. ****Pleas...

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    Another pinner said: This has worked for me but I have to keep my back level to the floor. It's surprising the difference having your tush lifted can make so with this hack tweek it til it works for you

    Life with Chronic illness----because you can't tell the feel like crap everyday

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    Great...the more migraines I have, the more likely I am to have another.

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    Patient Voices: Migraine Almost 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, severe, recurring headaches that may occur along with symptoms of nausea, light sensitivity or weakness. Women are three times more likely than men to have this type of headache, and treatment for migraines varies widely -- from traditional pain medications to preventative drugs to alternative remedies and exercise. Here, six men and women speak about the up’s and down’s of living with migraines. (

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    It is estimated that nearly one out of hundred people suffer from migraine which is of two types. The first type is the common migraine where the person suffering from migraine will not encounter any auras which mean that there will be no flashes of light when they develop the pain of migraine. The other type is the migraine which is combined with auras that is the person has visions about flashes of light and may also see zigzag lines or blind spots in their visions...

    I'm actually looking into this. Botox for Migraine, Another Approved Medical Use