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Tardis cat tower with source

Cat TARDIS - Jad Bean instructions Ryan and I are doing this for our cats. It's happening.

Cat TARDIS - Jad Bean

I like this one, because it has cut-outs for the kitties to look/pass through

Awesome cat playground PLUS tweak it a bit and it's a playhouse for my future children!

Tardis Cat Fort

tardis cat tree ~ want.the geek and animal lover in me wants this one bad im making this when i get my own cat

How To Build A Cat Tower  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/gko5  Want to keep your pampered feline out of your furniture? Build them a cat tower!  Cats love high places, so the higher you make the perches, the better.

Literally Just Photos Of Cats Who Forgot How To Sit Like Cats

Here are some collection of the funniest photos of cat sitting like humans.

bow tie kitty

I want that cat. Can I have that cat? It's Matt smith, the doctor, as a cat.

Because a dream house needs cats...click on the picture to see the interior with various cat shelves!  (Note, this could also be a great litter box hide-away...)

Just for you Jenny and Misa--a DIY Kitty Tardis Playhouse For Cats

144 libras. Pent Super Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Cat House for 2 Cats that's a weatherproof safe refuge with window and cat flap