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Batgirl Annual features a first time meeting and a deadly reunion for Barbara Gordon this week! Batgirl and Catwoman will cross paths for the first time in The New Will Barbara and Selena …

Batgirl #14 - A Courtship of Razors (Issue)

Batgirl A "Death of the Family" tie-in issue! Barbara tries to save her family from a fate much worse than death, but has Batgirl come this far just to fall victim once again to The Joker?

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Harley Quinn, Black Canary, pregnancy, Harley Quinn has four-year-old daughter with the Joker. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

The Evolutions Of Superheroes Break The Old Is Gold Theory

Old Is Gold? Take A Look At Superheroes Then & Now

The Evolutions Of Superheroes Break The Old Is Gold Theory Love how Wolverine is still Hugh Jackman

Wonder Woman is better than Super Man by ~spaced-brain on deviantART. Sorry, @Damon Ridgway Ridgway Ridgway Williams

Funny pictures about Wonder Woman vs. Oh, and cool pics about Wonder Woman vs. Also, Wonder Woman vs.

A Wolf Illustrations Blog

Batgirl Issue 9 by `Artgerm - Like the new bat girl costume and as usual Stanley Lau’s art

BATGIRL_50Es la conclusión explosiva de la épica que cambió Barbara Gordon siempre! El enemigo está al acecho en los bordes de la vida de Batgirl se ha puesto de manifiesto, al igual que la banda de los héroes reunidos para ayudarla! A partir de ahora, Batgirl no camina solo! Es una celebración extra tamaño del mayor héroe Burnside ha conocido, desde Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher y Babs Tarr!

(Batgirl of Burnside) Spoiler, Black Canary, Batgirl, Frankie Charles and Nightwing

Bruce Timm, Batgirl

MS Memes and more Multiple Sclerosis Information

Cassie Cain, world's deadliest assassin, against... lots of flashy hands.

Batgirl: Cassandra Cain in Batman and the Outsiders Vol 2 # 13 - Cover Art by Jim Calafiore, & Brian Reber

clay-mann:  BATMAN ETERNAL #27

Batman & Catwoman in Batman Eternal # 27 - Cover Art by Clay Mann, & Romulo Fajardo, Jr.