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How Nigerian Government Imposed "Illegal" Electricity Tariff On Nigerians - Politics - Nigeria

Disney deaths created so simply but tragically, giving us a sharp taste of reality and sadness in the joyful movies. ALLL THE FEEEEEEELLLLSSS

Disney + death = my heart repeatedly breaking. The saddest moments in Disney ever :(

I wonder if Disney realizes all of this or they're just happy mistakes....either way, these are AMAZING!!!

Tumblr Tuesday 12-30

Ignore that a commenter takes the Lord's name in vain. I had never realized or thought of this before!

Yeah I believe this theory that Mulan IS the Great Stone Dragon . 'Super Carlin Brothers' the you tube channel made a theory video on this.

It took me a while...

It took me a while...

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Preventing Hang Nails

Get Rid of Hangnails

Number 4 can flat out ball

Number 4 can flat out ball

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Seattle International Film Festival Trailer   fun funny funny pics

Seattle International Film Festival Trailer

so true, barely have room for a pencil by the time you get to college

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