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Roman gladiator graves uncovered

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GReliefs showing gladiators in the arena. The most successful could earn fame, if not fortune, but few would survive more than a dozen fights. (Bridgeman Art Library)

Female Gladiators? Tantalizing New Evidence From Ancient Rome

Female-gladiator fights appear to have been rare spectacles in the Roman Empire

frank frazetta sketch - Pesquisa Google

Obsolete Objects Given New Life with Spectacular Embroidered Skins

Ulla Stina Wikander cross stitch sculptures


Sergey Popovichenko: Gladiator

15 Incredible Bronze Fountains Like You've Never Seen Before

15 Incredible Bronze Fountains Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The tombstone of a murmillo gladiator, holding the palm of victory. His helmet lies beside him on the ground. (Alamy)

Statuette of heavily armed gladiator