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These are my three Whitall Tatum company cd 154 s in aqua. They are fairly common.

This is my Hemingray 11 cd 114 glass insulator in Aqua. These are hard to find in good condition. This has a small Amber swirl in the drip point. This style of insulator was eventually replaced by the more popular Hemingray 12 cd 113 insulators.

This is my crown embossed cd 133 Brookfield in light aqua. It has MLOD (mold line over dome) which meanes that it was made in an older 2 peice mold instead of some of the newer 3 peice molds.

This is a glass insulator made by good company. This is a cd 121 in Aqua. This was was one of 3 glassmaking houses in Denver Colorado all under the same company, although they all embossed their glass differently