Godly man pray!

Run towards God.

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Boom. "The cry for godly men is everywhere. It's loud! It's in the heartbeat of children, wives, single women, churches, & communities." Once again. We don't need any more "Christian" boys. We need godly men.

good relationships are centered around God

God will not leave me


true :))


I think men who worship God are attractive.

This is how to find a Godly Man, be a Godly Woman!

Love God first.

Start your Relationship this way... Not just a Christian Guy....... A GODLY MAN!!!!!

Thank you God!

Godly men

Gods Love!

A Godly man!!!!

Ladies, the man that you lust over is not God's plan for your life. A godly man will not lust over you, but he will pursue you. Let God work on you spiritually and emotionally. God will send him when you're ready, not lonely.

What a godly man looks like.

Let's Pray Together

Love! Every woman should pray for a husband who is a gentleman and a godly man!