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    Godly man pray!

    Godly men

    He is the God who redeems indeed

    I'd rather have a Godly man...

    Praying for that Real Man who's going to cone sweep me off my feet in God's perfect timing!!

    Get close to GOD first before getting close to anyone else. GOD without a man is still GOD, but a man without GOD is... nothing.

    What a godly man looks like.

    He lives what he reads in his open Bible.

    Everyone Deserves someone like these two., Blessed is the girl who love god more than his boyfriend and blessed is the guy who asked god for...

    God, What do you mean? Be Still

    I have made so many mistakes, but I hope I never hurt another woman. I pray to be the best man I can be, even in my own times of pain....

    Rejection is God's way of saying 'wrong direction'

    A Godly man must put God first! When he does, everything else will be taken care of.

    AMEN!!! If you are looking for a guy because you want to feel loved...look no longer because Jesus loves you. He always has and always will <3

    Godly men

    I actually started crying when I read this... I have almost no self esteem and no one's ever been interested in me or even initiated a conversation with me.. so it really shocks me to think that little old me could be the very person a godly guy is praying for..

    So true and u want to be the one to find a Godly man who loves God more than anything no matter what just like u do :)

    23 Qualities Of A Woman Worth Dating -> In order to find a man of God, I must first be a woman of God.

    You are a worldly man. The Bible says that God is disgusted by lukewarm men. For more please visit: www.flyfreshforev...

    And "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to them that are called( God's Beloved Children, those who have faith in Jesus Christ) according to God's purpose"..................Romans 8:28-39) Yes Father God, "When things work together for our good". We do look toward heaven and thank you. Because we know that it is You!

    A godly man