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Tomato Cage Bird Bath -- and other great ideas that are for the birds! ;D

Great use of leftover old bricks - just stack them up, lay piece of wood on top, then lay a saucer on top.

hyacinth bean vine...grows so fast and is so showy/FRAGRANT-Will help to lure Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your habitat. Plant with Moonflower Vine which is also fragrant! May grow up to 20 Ft. high. Perfect planted by a birdbath on a trellis.

use old tomato cages, for peonies.

M DIY Bird Bath Craft for Summer! I love this and have birds all over my yard, might try something like this

Recycled lamps into birdbaths

DIY Moss: Coat pots or rocks with super easy recipe: 1 Part Moss. 1 Part Sugar. 2 Parts Beer.

Simple Brick Path

Attach broken bicycle wheels to a wooden post to create a plant trellis for the garden.

Turn old teacups and saucers into bird feeders. Use caulk to attach cups and saucers to staircase posts.

how to make a large leaf birdbath. DIY!! and it works good!! EASY

Birdbath ~ Repurposed Glass Light Shades

Clever trellis design

Need a space efficient way to grow your beans or possibly your peas?  This would be very compact and fairly mobile.  An alternative use for a tomato cage.  The how-to can be found here.

DIY planters

Cement garden dish - Made from Giant Sunflower leaves or big Pumpkin Leaves used as a base for Cement.

Creative Bird baths - DIY Garden Decor Projects -

Bottle tree made out of two tomato cages - super duper easy -

Made from branches, this can be used as a lovely screen, trellis, or even a fence.

Make your garden glow | Candlelit glow...Float tea candles in a water-filled birdbath to create a mini firepit. On windy days, set tea lights in clear glass votive holders in a dry birdbath so they won’t wobble. For my meditation garden.