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    • D.

      I don't want to see any more body bashing on this board. That includes saying real women are curvy, or saying people need to get fit, or even saying that fit is the new skinny. Posts like this pin are fine, saying that all women are beautiful. But that's my new rule and I want it to be respected.

    • Annie Holm

      Beauty comes in many forms. I thought this fit well with Chapter 4 and what society deems to be the ideal body image for women. Even thought I'm guilty of trying follow these norms, I find it disheartening that we discriminate against those who do not fit the shallow definition of beauty.

    • Traci Tuma

      Amen! While I have come across many pins that encourage women to be proud of their bodies, a striking amount do it by bashing on opposite body types. This pin emphasizes that all sizes and statures are beautiful and one is not superior or more ideal than the other. By encouraging women to see all body types as beautiful, this pin also encourages the end of body shaming and self hatred.

    • Kenya Jackson

      "Real" women = all women. Just 'cause yer fat doesn't make you more real than a skinny broad. =] Ya'll real. We're all beautiful.

    • Corbett Edwards

      Love this!! Every woman is beautiful, not just curvy ones and not just skinny ones. We are all made of the same thing, some of us just have more or less of it. Healthy, no matter what weight that means for your body type, is beautiful. ❤️

    • Hillary Hubbard

      exactly. I am so sick of seeing people hate on bigger women, and more recently, skinny girls - every body type can be beautiful as long as a positive attitude shines through!

    • Mindi Engel

      Women are all beautiful. The reverse body shaming that curvy girls put on thin girls is JUST as bad. Being told that you look like a 12 year old boy, or that you're flat chested, or that you look sickly or anorexic is just as hurtful as being called fat. You're still a "real" woman even if you have narrow hips, a small chest, or are skinny. Thing is, we do this to each other far more than men do. It should stop.

    • Nani Ross

      I love this because a lot of people think they are doing good by saying oh curvy women are beautiful and being skinny is in attainable so skinny women are bad or anorexic. They say this to make curvy women feel better but the truth is they are making skinny people feel self conscious or ugly. I am tired of people always putting down people with the opposite body type. Body type should not be a beauty standard. All women are beautiful, no matter what they look like.

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    I can't stand the anti-feminist idea women have, all over Pinterest, that it's OK to put down one group over another due to insecurities. Plus sized women are beautiful, skinny women are beautiful, and average women are beautiful.

    Because if you're going to put a woman on the cover, she needs to be naked. UGH. Thanks, GQ, for objectifying women. I'm sure women everywhere appreciate it.

    Conservative GOP's RAPE PLAN... A CHILD RAPED IS NO BIG DEAL....FOX NEWS STATED ITS SURPRISE SEX, TELL THAT TO A 12yr old RAPE VICTIM!! Yes, this picture is hard to look at, but every woman should see it and take the memory of this young girl into the voting booth with them!!!

    This is without a doubt the BEST argument I've ever seen for the pro choice debate. Basically what this says is this: every person has the unalienable right to control their own body, to maintain & keep that control & to decide what they do with it. Every person has control over their body and no one else. Even when fetuses, unborn children, are taken into consideration, the woman (and her body) does and should always take precedent.

    Enough said.