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  • sandpipersong

    They have no idea. - I am a 70 year old child. lol They were used for film. The camera would have a way to roll up your used film, and then you taped it closed and put it in the container. Took it to be developed at a Kodak counter in a drugstore.

  • Michele Spinale

    So no one goes's the film canister your roll of film came in. You could use it to hold the used roll too until you got it developed

  • Cassie

    I still use them! #oldschool

  • CN Wrenn

    Cmon Kids, what is it? Is it a old camera roll.

  • Hannah Jackson

    Hahahaha! That's a film canister. Thank you old school parents.

  • Kristin Lethbridge

    So funny! it's a film canister! and i'm 17 :P

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