Raise your glass if you are Ron :)

Severus Snape in his Potions Dungeon. #hp #harrypotter #severussnape #severus #snape #alanrickman #potions #hogwarts

Best of Disney's Splash Mountain Photos.

Hahahhahaaha, i laughed way to much at this

Pinocchio’s advice to Voldy. | 33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate More funny things: www.funiest-stuff.com

Is it bad that I sang this? ;)

Harry Potter This is Crazy lol

I actually like Twilight, but I FIND (Rob=Cedric=Hufflepuff=Particularly good finder) it hilarious that RPatz hates it anymore than anyone on this earth.

Best Thing Ever.

Harry Potter Fun Facts

I laughed so hard

thank you Reddit | Harry Potter life lessons

Oh. My. God.

I know it's Harry Potter, but I don't why but it made me laugh so hard!!

I'll never get over Harry Potter.....

Call Me Maybe Disney style

Harry Potter; Mean Girls

Raise Your Glass-harry potter style.