coffee and morning light. just beautiful.

Coffee and a good book...

The allurement of the coffee bean aroma ~Kimopelli

Morning sun.. We love gorgeous mornings!!! A gorgeous morning (especially in the Fall with a cozy sweater!), a nice hot cup of coffee, on a porch swing = perfection!! :-))

At least once a year - A week in the mountains, coffee at sunrise, wine at sunset - on the porch.

au café

Have a good day :) ~ for those with major snow coming in again; everyone affected please be safe

Morning Coffee

Cardamom Coffee - add cardamom pods to coffee in grinder for a unique spicy coffee

nothing better than a steaming cup of tea


light + coffee steam

Tea. Morning light. Steam. Fall.

The comforting smell of the day starting. Black and white- Perhaps this would be a good idea, this makes it clear between the light and the dark. Showing the beauty in the light. Pure.

There is no such thing as "a bad time for coffee," that's blasphemy.

#Cuotes El #amor debe ser como el café, a veces fuerte, a veces dulce, a veces solo y otras acompañado, pero nunca debe estar frío.

The smell of fresh coffee truly is a wonderful thing! #Coffee #MrCoffee

The only way coffee gets any better is to throw chocolate into the mix! Here's a great Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Coffee in London

Steaming cup of coffee