coffee and curlers

Wedding photography -This would make a cute picture while you are getting ready. #Vintage # Wedding #Ideas

She's so fancy, she already knows.

This look is so sexy, so femme a gorgeous girl doing her make up for a big date she has. A blind date? An anniversary? who knows, but there in her pretty bra gettign femme

Hate waking up from a beautiful dream about us and wanting it to be a reality so desperately..makes me miss you so incredibly much.

amber heard

morning coffee

stacked rings


Morning Cranberry Orange Pancakes

Françoise Hardy


quiet time: a marked up Bible, coffee and melting snow :)

morning coffee

I've always known I was born in the wrong era. Free love, Janis, and woodstock? I should have been there.

50's glam #girly For guide + advice on lifestyle, visit

getting ready

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