coffee and curlers

7 Sexy Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot.

This would make a cute picture while you are getting ready. #Vintage # Wedding #Ideas I have my grandmothers tea cup too

She's so fancy, she already knows.

Photo of Amber Heard by Tasya Van Ree...Beautiful and Amazing

Early morning coffee in Paris.

(Open with Calix) I wake up screaming from another nightmare. I thought they had ended but they just got worse. I bring my knees to my chest and silently let some tears out. I hear my door open and someone shuffles to my bed. A deep voice asks me what's wrong. I look up and see you.

Morning reality

Sweet kiss

People. Woman. Hair. Curly. Natural. Straight Hair. Indie. Cool. Confidence. Style. Pretty. Dainty. Sweet. Strong. Long Hair. Short Hair. Beautiful. Eyes. Skin. Lips. Face. Curves. Selfies. Sun Kissed. Spice.

Nice shot, like a lazy Sunday morning in bed with coffee/tea and the paper. Also nice use of simple white shirt.

Morning Coffee

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Imagem via We Heart It #cute #fashion #girl #hair #kiss #lips #makeup #style

You are what you read.


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