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Previous pinner: "It amazes me that these sorts of people get such huge followings. I guess George Carlin was right, when he said something like 'Think about how stupid the average person is... then realize half of 'em are stupider than that'."

If you own a business yet cannot afford to pay staff, then you need to work at it yourself or you should not be in business. If you refuse to pay staff yet reap all the profits, then you are an arsehole.

Interesting survey, and from a reputable source, Pew Research, click through. Atheists performed best in the religious knowledge survey. I think if you are raised believing something, you never investigate it and that can be a reason why atheists know more academically about many religions than their adherents do. I know that I research the things I don't believe in far more extensively than I do the things I do believe in, mainly because I don't want to make faulty assumptions.

Ok so, riddle me this: if he can, why doesn't he? mmm?? See there's that pesky problem with your lack of evidence again. Silly Christians, when will you tire of always being wrong?

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The 21 Best Conspiracy Keanu Meme Images all you haters out there. Some people need to understand that: 1.) You can't "pray the gay away." 2.) You can't control one's feelings and/or actions. 3.) LOVE IS LOVE. THERE'S NO IF, ANDS, OR BUTS.

..Get out your bible and check it! And people read this crap to their kids???

Every church I had ever been to the pastors had new cars, the biggest houses, and with one exception no other source of income.

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(((Darwinian))) FCD on

To the xtian businesses that are inundating my feed with their smug "promoted pins" jesus junk. Just. Go. Away.