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Guanyin. Sung Dynasty, China. Wood, gesso, mineral pigments, and gold. The last great moment in Chinese Buddhist wooden sculpture occurred in the late Sung period, in the 12th and 13th centuries. © Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Chinese Manjushri on a Lion c. 1150–1300 China, Southern Song or Jin dynasty (1127–1279/1115–1234) Gilt bronze

“The four difficulties of sudden awakening: So close you can’t see it. So deep you can’t fathom it. So simple you can’t believe it. So good you can’t accept it.” —Tibetan Buddhist proverb ..*

Those who try Zen meditation even once wipe away beginningless crimes. Where are all the dark paths then? The Pure Land itself is near. [from Song of Zazen, Hakuin Zenji]

Porcelain Guan Yin Figure | ... yin figure a chinese song dynasty period pottery guan yin figure she