NOT DETECTED - M.C. Escher, c.1932, 188/469.

Escher- "Carubba Tree,(Ravello)- February Woodcut in black and grey, printed from two blocks.

MC Escher - beautiful

MC Escher Paintings was an artist; created each tessellation with extradorinary math skills. The MC Escher artwork continued to develop with his drawing hands art print.

Escher, la geometria dell'inquietudine

Escher, la geometria dell'inquietudine

The Fall of Man by  M.C. Escher

The Fall of Man - Artist: M. Escher Completion Date: 1927 Style: Surrealism Genre: religious painting

"Stampato", 1930, M.C. Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher Castrovalva [Abruzzi] 1930 litografia 530 x 421 mm M. Escher Foundation All M. Escher works © 2014 The M. Escher Company, La mostra di Escher a Roma - Il Post


Akron Art Museum rescues the popular M.C. Escher from being obscured by his reputation in 'Impossible Realities' show