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Ridiculously overripe bananas (I'm talking black peel) were put to the best of use this afternoon Baked my mum some nourishing banana bread I used @nourishingnicola's #vegan #oilfree recipe - it's also gluten and refined sugar/flour free so it's super healthy It was my first time using spelt flour and it turned out really well! This is currently waiting on the counter for dessert tonight - but the smell when it was cooking was absolutely insane Even my healthy-food-hating brother…

Decided to try something from vegan menu. Amazing brownies! Even my little brother loved them (and he hates beet roots).


African Peanut Sweet Potato Stew

This is a family-favorite! A one-pot meal (other than steaming some rice) that according to my brother is "A party in your mouth!"

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31 Vegan Barbecue Sides That'll Even Impress Nonvegan Eaters

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Roasted heirloom tomato soup

I had always hated tomatoes. When eating out, I asked for them to be left off of the plate (or I wouldn't order anything with tomatoes to start with). I cringed as my dad and brother would bite int...

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Green Tomato Pie

Green tomato pie. This was mentioned while researching some Great Depression era meals for a party my mom will be throwing later this year. (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Halloween Bash!) This sounded really interesting, and started the hunt. Here's one of the recipies I found. Now that we have our garden this year, green tomatos should be easy to come by!!!!