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2016 held the death of my mom...but the beginning of her eternity with Jesus. It brought a total hip replacement for me due to osteonecrosis...6 months off work and the loss of my job. My boss gave my position away. I know God has something better in store for me.... Heavenly Father.... Thank you for one more day and a new year to trust in You!

Quote about gossipers: get to know me first. I'll give you a chance Always remember these Princess & keep on with what we've taught you.

Keep Calm and Call Mom by Lianna May Design, via Flickr Mom always knows what to do

What steps can you take to become more responsible for your goals? Contract with yourself. Think about this: if you cannot keep commitments to yourself, how will you keep commitments to others? People treat you how you allow them to treat you and how they see you treating yourself. If you are not committed to you, won't you accept persons into your love life who aren't committed to you? #commitment #relationships #marriage #wedding

25 Ways to Just Be with your Children

This is something he says to me, he may not always understand me and why I do what I do but he admires my heart and always gives it the top reason why he loves me, and I like that about him!~RP~