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A Brief History of Amanda Bynes (GIF)... Why Amanda, Why

ooohh god yes!! Common people... now I know why some did not graduate..... but wonder why some did!

we are...I am at home with my husband and our kids being happy, while you are sitting at home researching my life

Can I please use this as my excuse for ALWAYS being late? lol

If you don't like the way I do things... then please feel free to mind your own business. I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Rachel Sherrick All of your ecards on pinterest have been cracking me up, but this is my favorite. I spent almost the entire last 7 hours of my day in my bed. (:

We're sorry, your request for victim status has been denied. You are being referred to the Big Girl Panties department. Please stand by.

Mrs. I'm Glad I've Not Cheated On Anyone Like You Have. (;

Men lie about their height... That's what you say to kids who look over your shoulder and see this.

No tolerance for people that try to manipulate you or lie to you, also two-faced people. It's even worse when people try to manipulate someone you care about to go against you & take their side, when they are REALLY the ones at fault (Smear campaigns).