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    See the Eiffel Tower.

    Travel to Italy.

    Be called mommy.

    Find something that I love and I'm good at.

    Go to California.

    Have a job that travels.

    Bucket List


    Have an unforgettable adventure.

    Spend a day watching chick flicks with my friends.

    Go on a midnight stroll in Paris.

    Ride a double decker bus in London.

    Have one of those "What happened last night?" moments.

    Throw a surprise party for my best friend.

    Visit a trampoline park.

    Travel abroad with my best friend.

    See a lantern festival.

    Go on a spontaneous road trip.

    Photograph the Tour Eiffel by night.

    Save a life.

    Write something in wet cement.

    Participate in a color run.

    Go to the airport and buy a ticket for a random flight.

    Meet my doppelgänger.