How to get buttercream frosting as smooth as fondant. Never would have thought of this, and it tastes so much better than fondant...

Perfectly smooth butter cream with a sharp edge. I can't wait to try it!!! I'm so hopeful... I usually use the viva paper towel method, but it leaves a rounded corner. Sometimes I want a sharp edge but had no idea how to do it... Hope this works as well as people are saying...

Getting smooth icing on a cake


cake tips to make the average box cake - something amazing on a fork!

How to make stabilized whipped cream frosting, just like on cakes from the frosting ever!

Best Ever Buttercream Frosting ~ Seriously the best frosting you'll ever make. Perfect for cakes, cookies, borders and the like

Crusting Buttercream: How to Make Buttercream That Sets Firm

Awesome cake decorating tutorials..

How to make perfectly smooth frosting - simple DIY photo tutorial. This link works, unlike the one I pinned a while back.

How to get a perfectly flat top when frosting a cake. Genius idea! . . . seems a bit putsy but I am going to give it a go - anything to help me get a more uniform look and level top. Great idea.

easiest way to frost a cake ever- this is awesome! get a faux fondant look with store bought icing.

Easy Marshmallow Fondant. Wonder if it'd taste better than regular fondant?

How to frost a cake 5 ways, including petal and ruffle frostings. (Also see Bird on a Cake for more detailed petal frosting tutorial.)

The Perfect Whipped Cream Frosting. Not too sweet and it doesn't melt or separate!

The BEST cream cheese buttercream frosting recipe! Only 3 ingredients, 5 minutes, and SO yummy--you'll never buy the store bought kind ever again!

How to make Glitterbomb Cupcakes .... What?! Awesome!

perfectly smooth buttercream icing

Sayy what?! Japanese Cheesecake - looks like pound cake, tastes like cheesecake. This one goes in the 'to do' file. (and flour less = GLUTEN FREE!)