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  • Ava Pickard

    .....And all of those bruises I don't remember where I got them? It must be from fighting the Silence! Or any other monster. I,m a demigod. I'm drawn to monsters

  • Emily ♔

    The Silence are one of the most terrifying Doctor Who monsters.

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Don't know what this is from...but I like it. ^ Someone else wrote this... Doctor Who is amazing! :-P

Attacked by the Silence.... (Btw. He forgot his robes, he's the only one not wearing them.)

Yeah, needless to say, after the death order was given, the Silence did not survive long in the U.S.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! He IS real!! :)) I KNEW IT

If I ever saw anyone wearing this, I would say "Oh my gosh! Have you seen the Silent? Oh, what a stupid question... Just... be careful and carry a Sharpie, okay?"

fanart & cosplay - What's With All These Marks on My Arm?

That would freak me out a little bit, I couldn't even buy the Doctor Who shirt with the tardis surrounded by tally marks!

No one likes an awkward just makes us all feel uncomfortable. :D

You'd think wizards would be able to defeat Silence, guess that's why Doctor Who is better!!

What happens when Crowley shows up on Doctor Who.

So today is national doctor who silence day and I've been having some much fun with it. I've been marking myself and putting pictures on Facebook and playing along, pretending that I don't know what's going on. And as the pictures continue, there are more and more tally marks all over my body. I just got done posting the last pic, a picture of a silence in "my room" XD

Ooh, I shall pin this... *click* ... That's weird, why does it say I just pinned something?