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snow beardie :)

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Bearded dragons have so much personality for a reptile.

bring your pet to work day :)

Bearded dragon true love - Cam says they are marrying each other. this has got to be the cutest bearded dragon pic i have ever seen <3

.Baby Parakeets..


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Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

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Funny animal photos : theCHIVE

Santa's Bearded Dragons "Now, Nasher! Now, Gasher! Now, Beardie and Dragon! On, Scaly! On, Flakey! On, Prickly and Talon!"


Omg I'm getting one of these for my bearded dragons !!!!


30 Funny Animal Photos with Captions

struggles of a dragon, lol

Pudgy, my bearded dragon sporting shades. RIP, sweet girl.