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Animals that don’t suck (30 Photos)

Bearded dragons have so much personality for a reptile.

Bearded dragon true love - Cam says they are marrying each other. this has got to be the cutest bearded dragon pic i have ever seen <3

Texas designated the Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum), the official state reptile in 1993. Horned lizards can have an intimidating appearance but are docile and gentle in nature. When a horned lizard feels threatened, it flattens and freezes in place, trying to blend with the ground. Texas now lists this unique animal as threatened.

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

Admit it, animals are pretty awesome (48 Photos)

Funny animal photos ☀ supply pet hair dye,pet hair chalk,pet perfume,pet shampoo,spa....

Bearded Dragon - they get big and awesome, not too hard to care for, and what they lack in cuteness they make up for in friendliness.