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FYI, that above picture is what the media *thinks* natural curls look like. If you have natural curl, you can clearly see they are heat curls.

Nicolas Cage - I dare you to surf a page of a rage site and not find a post including Mr. Nicholas Cage here. As you can see it's a contour drawing of Mr. Cage with the capture "You don't say?" , and is mainly used as a sarcastic response to a very obvious statement or question. #rageComic

Haha fat people. Oh wait I'm full of hate let me stop please lol fuck off

Ha! I actually laughed out loud at this...and then when I told my husband, he looked at me like I was stupid & said "that's not funny." My reply? Exactly WHAT about that joke was NOT funny?!

There's nothing better than this

I do this ALL the time! Or when listening to the radio and I want to see what else is on, I'll continue to sing the song in my head and go back to the station & see if I'm on time with the music.