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What my cat does when I'm in the other room. I just know it.

What my cat does when I'm in the other room. I just know it.

Cute giraffe pet costume is our top selling costume and adorable anytime you want your own tiny pet giraffe. This is not regular fleece, but super soft minky fabric which has a silky hand and velvety feel with a smooth knit inside which won't mat ...


I love this picture. I really like cats. I have one right now, but I would love to get another. My cat that I have has some health issues though. We really need to take her into the vet so that she can be healthy before we think about getting another cat.

The floppy faces of Basset Hounds take on their mortal enemy, gravity, in this fight of epically cute proportions. Seriously, this is a match for the ages. One we all need ringside seats for. (h/t ...

Puppies have power. The power of cute. They can turn your worst day bright with just a wriggle and a few laps of the tongue. On this page we have dozens of cute puppy pictures. Be sure to vote for the cutest puppies in each category. Don't forget...

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