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Year in Memes

We’ve collected one meme for every day in 201Knew I shouldn't have unfollowed TNR — Slade Sohmer (@Slade) April 5, 2016 Fuck Me Daddy When: April 2 Started by: Patricia Lockwood What we said at the time: “For people familiar with TNR and Trump, but not the mores and customs of Twitter, the tweet may be baffling. 6.

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CNN Counts Bombings and Protests Over Police Shootings as Political “Wins” This Week for Trump

CNN counts bombings and police protests as political “wins” for Trump this week.

Year in Memes

Thank you so much @LLChildrensHosp So happy we were able to donate Vans to our new friends! @VANS_66 — Daniel Lara (@daniel_laraa) March 11, 2016 Damn, Daniel Donates His Vans When: March 12 Started by: Daniel Lara Following his massive rise to viral fame (thanks to a video starring his white Vans sneakers and personal hype man), Daniel Lara, a.k.a. “Damn, Daniel,” received a lifetime supply of the sneakers from the company, which, in a move surprisingly…

Year in Memes

Founding-Father Memes When: March 15 Started by: Tumblr What we said at the time: “Bloggers are finding emotional connections between their own experiences and the founding fathers’. They’re translating everything into internet-speak, willfully extracting the founders’ words from their 18th-century contexts. And most of all, they’re arguing for hidden queer histories living at the heart of the most sacred era of American politics. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, the founding-father…