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Tumeric – Natural Cancer-Fighting Spice

Rick Simpson Healed 5.000 People from Cancer: This Is a Recipe That Kills All Types of Tumor in 90 Days – VIDEO

Rick Simpson is a well-known activist that support legalization of medical marijuana and he is always prepared to explain people everything he knows about the health benefits of cannabis oil. Rick was able to cure his skin cancer in 2003 and this was the

The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them ~ HealthyAeon

Everyone Has Cancer Cells in Their Body, This is How to Prevent Them From Becoming Tumors

Hemp or cannabis oil was used by numerous people for centuries, but it was banned in the second half of the 20th century, as a result of the rise of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. Rick Simpson is a mechanical engineer and a self-taught doctor, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2002 and fought this […]

Have you heard of the mushroom being used to boost the immune system and fight cancer? While there are countless foods and compounds out there being researched for their cancer-fighting abilities, the turkey tail mushroom is one food that has gained some spotlight as of recent. Specifically, the mushroom has been shown to be highly effective at suppressing prostate tumor development.