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Clsra Bow

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Clara Bow - silent film star and 1920's flapper sex symbol known as the "it girl". She died on Sept 27, 1965 from a heart attack at the age of 60

Clara Bow, in Austin Texas, Sept 1926. Met with Gov Ma Ferguson (cropped from photo)

Clara Bow in "The Runaway" [1926]

Clara Gordon Bow July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965) was an American actress who rose to stardom in silent film during the 1920s. It was her appearance as a plucky shopgirl in the film It that brought her global fame and the nickname "The It Girl". Bow came to personify the Roaring Twenties and is described as its leading sex symbol.

Clara Bow in "The Wild Party" (Dorothy Arzner, 1929) - Wild girls at a college pay more attention to parties than their classes. But when one party girl, Stella Ames, goes too far at a local bar and gets in trouble, her professor has to rescue her. Gossip linking the two escalates until Stella proves she is decent by shielding an innocent girl and winning the professor's respect.