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Sashiko-no-donza 19th-20th c Awaji Island H 130 cm – W 122 cm Indigo-dyed cotton strengthened and embellished with embroidery. The technique of simple running stitches is found throughout Japan, but on the small rural island of Awaji located into the Inland Sea, fishermen’s wives exploited its possibilities with special verve and imagination. Their dazzlingly complex patterns transformed these utilitarian work clothes into ceremonial attire and emblems celebrating the identity of fishermen.

Detail Sashiko Stitched Cotton Bag: ca. mid twentieth century 23 1/2" x 12 1/4", 59 cm x 31 cm Bag is made of powerloomed cotton and is dyed an almost-black color. The cotton is densely woven and in very good condition. The stitches are tiny and tight.The bag is lined in a brown colored cotton; there is a small loop on the side seam of the bag: it is here that a cord would be tied which can be used to fasten the bag to a belt or garment and also for use as a closure.

I *need* to do some Sashiko stitching.....