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Reminded of this Mother Teresa quote as we drove over the Buckman Bridge this past weekend. I was in awe over how the sunlight reflected on the water and illuminated the clouds. This picture does not do it justice. #floridalife #motherteresa #lightworker

I have been thinking about this, and I've found it to be mostly true - with my favorite life moments being simple ones, like a funny memory from teaching an adult ESL class, an evening I spent gardening with a 4-year old and my mother, afternoons spent watching old movies with my hubby, or a quiet moment spent in prayer with a beloved minister friend. My best moments have been ones that cost me nothing, but were the most rewarding. ~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Especially with my little Baby Kitty. She is the sweetest creature on this stupid planet and all she ever wants from me is cuddles and loves.

And through loving them, unconditionally, you realize they do not need 'saving' at all - it is merely the experience they choose, be it conscious or not, and experience is all that we live for.

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