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Power of wiki leaks

Bruce Wayne is Batman

Be sexy, clean the bathroom.

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Dilbert Takes on Social Media Marketing Managers [PIC]

Dilbert Takes on Social Media Marketing Managers [PIC]

Dilbert comic strip for - Social Media Manager

Same Pinterests.

I'm concerned, Doctor. We no longer have the same

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ndikol 2009 by adhika rahmani

Facebook Addicts - LoL Champ

Oh my goodness; people need to realize that no one cares when they go to bed, what their bruises look like or what illnesses they have!


Cookie Monster upset no more cookies on computer they got deleted lol computer humor

Baby Humor | Childbirth Humor | "Push, Honey! YouTube has 10-minute limit!"

You tube has 10 minute limit ~ Funny ~ Humor

Lick it, Robin


I laughed hard

Funny Comic Quotes - fun is good, learn more at peaklifelink.com

Ctrl S + Ctrl Z haha sad thing is i do this in my head accidentally. "gotta delete this trash.

All the time...

It's seriously the ONLY thing I hate about the South in the Summer!

Techno Tuesday

Nailed it!

The hardest parts of data science

It Transforms You

tastefullyoffensive: (comic by Sephko)

Heck yes!

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