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Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 31 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 31 Pics

35 Signs That Raise More Questions Than They Answer. Phew, I'm glad they warned me about the waffles

The nude people I get but waffles! Who the fudge is eating waffles at the beach?

Under Police Surveillance…

Funny pictures about Under Police Surveillance. Oh, and cool pics about Under Police Surveillance. Also, Under Police Surveillance.

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This is a notice - Funny Sign

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#marketing majors, take notes. This is good #advertising

This guy doesn’t need some sort of credentials to know he really likes burgers. “Voted best burger in town by some guy who likes burgers.

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Funny and silly signs: Funny zoo sign: Please Be Safe! Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick!

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Yet another confusing sign, typically it would say the right lane must turn right. Instead this sign says right left. That does not make sense, what is a right left?

GO Ahead ~ Drink + Drive = Jail or Hospital or Morgue ~ Drive safe, Be Safe!    Volunteer Road Safety

The asshole who chose to drink and drive, put my brother in the morgue. Someone who never drank or did drugs in his life, killed by a selfish 3 time drunk driving offender. If u drink in drive, f*ck u!