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The way you develop a picture can add to the creativity. Here's a simple technique by Heather Powell to develop your darkroom skills

Leo Rosas COOPH My camera was on a tripod to avoid any motion blur and set to Bulb triggered remotely with pocket wizards – the continuous light was on all the time and the flash was synced with my radios to trigger on the rear curtain, so I was actually triggering the flash and capturing the action by releasing the button after approximately 1 sec.”

Light Painting: Shooting Skateboarding with Flash and Color Filters by Leo Rosas

Jill Enfield has been using liquid emulsion to put images on tiles

Jill Enfield has been using liquid emulsion to put images on tiles: I have been looking at a book written by Jill Enfield, 'Pho.

John Lennon and Salvador Dali                                                                                                                                                      Más

30 fotos históricas de famosos que você precisa conferir

Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Salvador Dali.JEALOUS not of Salvador but of Yoko and John getting to hang out with Salvador! :D

「紙袋 デザイン」の画像検索結果

「紙袋 デザイン」の画像検索結果

Salt Printing: How to do One of the Earliest Photographic Processes in History at Home!

Print images onto ordinary paper turned light-sensitive by some almost magical alchemy from the earliest days of photographic history. Salt your paper with

ai wei wei gives finger to forbidden city

Ai Wei Wei- Giving the Finger To His Home and Native Land Through His Art