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Kim Ji Hoon - Singles Magazine May Issue ‘14

Really Rain? Really.........I'm having trouble understanding if a man can be too handsome? Thank goodness I don't live in Korea...I would never have any money! I know I would be running around trying to reach silver cloud status as fast as I could! Fandom in Asia sounds exhausting:) I also love EXO but I still don't understand Biases so I'm not even sure if I could do both:)

Korean pop megastar, Photo's like this should be illegal Arrest Rain for being Hot!

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I just bought Ninja Assassins & I eagerly watched it again last night! I found myself cringing, I'd forgotten how violent & gory it was. Truth is, the first time I saw Rain as a.k.a. Raizo I was smitten. Yes, I do have an appreciation for Martial Arts movies, and I'm also a huge Horror genre fan. So no, I didn't watch this movie just because of a hot guy, however that is why I bought the movie:) I promise you if it were not for the handsome fierce Hero I'd never want to watch this movie…